Review: Mark Craven, Lab: Paul Miller  |  May 04, 2023
hfnoutstandingArguably the 'sweet spot' in Lumin's range of network-attached players, the new T3 retains the core features of its costlier models, including full use of the super-slick app

The product catalogue of Hong Kong's Lumin, neatly divided between four network players, three network transports, and one-off power amp and streaming amp options, deserves the description 'small but perfectly formed'. That would also be an apt way of looking at its T3, a network player/DAC possessing a neat, easy-to-accommodate design and a feature roster designed to satisfy the needs of the performance-hungry streaming audio enthusiast. In essence, it takes much of what's offered by Lumin's flagship one-box P1 [HFN Jul '22], but trims the spec. (and size) down to a price point of £4195, almost half that of its bigger brother.

Review: Adam Smith, Lab: Paul Miller  |  May 02, 2023
hfncommendedThis artisan phono stage from Germany has been on a journey of refinement lasting rather longer than a decade, culminating, for the time being, in this Jubilee version

With the notable exception of flatscreen TVs and very high-end hi-fi, generally speaking, technology is enabling smaller product solutions. German brand Lehmannaudio has been leading the charge for bijou components since its founding, and the principle is perfectly illustrated by the Jubilee variant of its evergreen Decade phono stage, released to celebrate the brand's 30 years, and retailing for £3149.

Ken Kessler  |  Apr 30, 2023
This month we review: The Kinks, Leonard Cohen, The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet and Potato Chip.
Ken Kessler  |  Apr 30, 2023
This month, we review: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Tommy Crona Jazz Trio, The Friends Of Distinction and Scabaret.
Mike Barnes  |  Apr 30, 2023
This month we review: Unthank : Smith, Gaz Coombes, Anna B Savage and Belle And Sebastian.
Steve Harris  |  Apr 30, 2023
This month we review: Houston Person, Bill Laurance & Michael League, Oscar Peterson and The Banger Factory.
Peter Quantrill  |  Apr 30, 2023
This month we review: Takács Quartet, Gothic Voices, Clare Hammond and Gens, Orch De Lille/Bloch.
Andrew Everard  |  Apr 28, 2023
This month we review and test releases from: Octave Records, Steven Isserlis, Connie Shih, Enrico Rava, Fred Hersch, Machaut/The Orlando Consort and Edward Hart/Charleston SO.
Review: Jamie Biesemans, Lab: Paul Miller  |  Apr 26, 2023
hfnoutstandingBuilt into the same chassis as the NEO iDSD, with the same DAC onboard, this new version loses the headphone amp in favour of a bespoke, app-driven streaming platform

To say iFi Audio is an industrious producer of compact hi-fi solutions would be an understatement. More recently the brand has been on a steep upward path of technical evolution, employing designers as accomplished as the marketing department is imaginative. The result? IFi Audio is successful because it has identified new hi-fi hotspots that appeal to both younger and older music lovers alike.

Martin Colloms  |  Apr 25, 2023  |  First Published: Aug 01, 1991
hfnvintageMartin Colloms hears the FET nine/e and SA/3.9e from Threshold – a company that can lay claim to being one of the founders of the high-end...

Threshold has been making high-quality amps for many years, its preamps showing early use of FET circuitry and the power amps distinguished by an output stage design which Threshold calls 'Stasis', a kind of active Class A operation. Company founder and chief designer, Nelson Pass, remains fully involved and his signature appears on the circuit diagrams included in the excellently documented operating manuals supplied with the units.