Review: Ken Kessler, Lab: Paul Miller  |  Jul 06, 2021
hfnoutstandingThe most popular range of MMs on the planet – Ortofon's 2M series – has just got a new chief. All hail the Black LVB 250, anointed by none other than Beethoven himself

One body and 'motor', but different styli or cantilevers: I'm not sure which of the latter two choices is more important if a manufacturer wants to create a range from a primary design with an upgrade path. Ortofon has no such doubts and is taking no chances with the 2M Black LVB 250. While it looks like the circa-£95 2M Red I have been using for years as my reference entry-level MM cartridge, save for the colour, this new flagship for the 2M moving-magnet family comes in at a heady £829. That, however, accounts for the top-of-the-range 2M magnet and coils, new suspension and cantilever.

Steve Sutherland  |  Jul 05, 2021
Steve Sutherland listens to the 1980 live album by the American rock singer/songwriter, now in a deluxe vinyl set with extras, and recalls some of its cadaverous lyrics

Enjoy every sandwich.' It was certainly weird as pay-off lines go, but somehow perfect. Famous last words, or advice from the knowingly soon-to-be deceased, are usually offered up with at least a modicum of deep philosophical profundity – sometimes religious, sometimes self-pitying, sometimes peaceful and sometimes panicked, but invariably they are long premeditated and polished for posterity.

Review: Andrew Everard, Lab: Paul Miller  |  Jul 02, 2021
hfnoutstandingClassé is back with a bang – its third-generation Delta amplification carrying 'does what it says on the tin' model designations, and sounding as thrillingly no-nonsense as ever

When it comes to prosaic model naming, Classé has it nailed: its latest Delta series preamp, selling for £9999, is called 'PRE', and the matching monoblock power amps at £10,999 apiece, are called 'MONO'. The only other model in the lineup is the Delta stereo power amp, at £11,999, which is unsurprisingly called 'STEREO'.

Review and Lab: Paul Miller  |  Jul 01, 2021
hfnedchoiceThe speaker with no sweet spot arrives on our shores, offering a sound that's as distinctive as its aesthetics

Few loudspeakers are as instantly recognisable as the 'Radialstrahlers' – directly translated 'radial emitters' – designed and built by German brand MBL. At every international hi-fi show their appearance draws crowds while the all-encompassing sound of those iconic 'melons' keeps visitors rooted to their seats. Am I giving away the punchline? Not really. Few seasoned audiophile travellers will not have heard these incredible music machines, but we have still waited a decade for them to reach these shores and be explored, inside and out, Hi-Fi News-style.

Hi-Fi News Staff  |  Jun 29, 2021
This month we review and test releases from: The Bitperfect Collection Vol.1, Hilary Hahn, Radio France PO/Mikko Franck, Robert Len, Origamibiro and Renaud Capuçon, Stephen Hough, LSO/Sir Simon Rattle.
Ken Kessler  |  Jun 28, 2021
This month we review: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, Lavern Baker, Kris Drever and Stephen Dale Petit.
Ken Kessler  |  Jun 28, 2021
This month, we review: Bobbie Gentry, Octave Records, The Eagles and The Guess Who.
Mike Barnes  |  Jun 28, 2021
This month we review: Field Music, Du Blonde, The Coral and Kitten Pyramid.
Steve Harris  |  Jun 28, 2021
This month we review: Joe Lovano, Marilyn Crispell, Carmen Castaldi, Will Glaser, Marek Dorcik Spercasa and R+R=NOW.
Christopher Breunig  |  Jun 28, 2021
This month we review: Sinfonia Of London/John Wilson, Andreas Haefliger, Helsinki Po/Susanna Mälkki, Ernst Ottensamer, Academy Of London/Rns/Richard Stamp and Cleveland Orchestra/George Szell.