Jamie Biesemans, Review and Lab: Paul Miller  |  Aug 02, 2022
hfnoutstandingSteampunk styling meets luxury audio as the masters of touchscreen streaming launch one of the most tactile and flexible all-analogue integrated amplifiers ever seen!

Say what you will about HiFi Rose, the fledgling brand hailing from Seoul in South Korea, it sure knows how to capture the attention of audiophiles. First by launching remarkable do-it-all streaming players featuring huge touchscreens and options galore, and now this 'steampunk' integrated amp which left Internet forums speechless for about 15 seconds. Quite an achievement in this day and age... and those pundits hadn't yet seen the baffling rear of the RA180 with its sixteen loudspeaker terminals!

Ken Kessler  |  Aug 01, 2022
This month we review: Miles Davis, The Dave Clark Five, Madness and Joni Mitchell.
Ken Kessler  |  Aug 01, 2022
This month, we review: Otis Taylor, Garth Hudson, The Waterboys and Aleksey Revenko.
Mike Barnes  |  Aug 01, 2022
This month we review: Warpaint, Ghost Power, Pink Mountaintops and Subway Sect.
Steve Harris  |  Aug 01, 2022
This month we review: Danilo Pérez featuring The Global Messengers, David Binney, Mark Turner and McCoy Tyner/Freddie Hubbard Qt.
Peter Quantrill  |  Aug 01, 2022
This month we review: Oslo Philharmonic/Klaus Mäkelä, Peter Jablonski, Fidelio Trio and Chen Reiss; Jewish CO Munich/Daniel Grossmann.
Review: Andrew Everard, Lab: Paul Miller  |  Jul 28, 2022
hfnoutstandingIn raw form this is a digital streamer/network bridge governed by the Conductor app, but add optional SSD storage and the N200 becomes a fully-fledged music library

Music storage: it can be a thorny subject, not least because those network products offering internal capacity for your library tend either to have fixed, non-expandable storage, or offer the option of dealer-installed drives. The cost of such storage is usually high, too – okay, not 'adding capacity at time of ordering your new Apple computer high', where an extra Terabyte can cost you £400, but still at prices to have you looking at HDDs on the likes of Amazon and scratching your head.

Andrew Everard  |  Jul 27, 2022
This month we review and test releases from: Nicky Spence, Julius Drake, Piatti Quartet, Esther Kaiser, The Gesualdo Six, Michael J Valentine and Automatica.
HiFiNews  |  Jul 26, 2022
The UK Hi-Fi Show Live is delighted to welcome high-end distributor Absolute Sounds back to the huge entertainment space on Level 5. Seen here while the refurb and set-up for Royal Ascot was underway, Absolute Sound's 'engine room' (Pedro to his friends) is planning to get the very best from the latest that Wilson Audio [Alexx Vs pictured above], dCS [Vivaldi APEX], Magico, D'Agostino, Audio Research – and so many more exclusive brands – have to offer.
HiFiNews  |  Jul 26, 2022
Pictured at Ascot in the spacious No1 box on the 2nd floor, Martin Thornton [left] and Peter Snell of Lowther Loudspeakers will give UK audiophiles the first chance to experience classic models from this newly revitalised brand – including the updated TP1 (now TP2) corner horns. If you've never heard their crossover-free, super-sensitive sound then you're in for a treat.