Vintage hi-fi: what's hot? Top Six Best Vintage Buys

Top Six Best Vintage Buys...


Turntable: Technics SL-7
Plentiful, reliable and capable of a level of performance that shames just about everything else at the price. Even if you treat it to a brand new Audio-Technica AT85EP cartridge to make the most of the deck, the SL-7 still won't break the bank. The Technics SL-10 [HFN Apr '19] is certainly no slouch either.


Cassette: Philips N2521
The inventors of the cassette finally came up trumps with this oddly styled masterpiece which is capable of incredible recording quality with BASF Chrome tape. The machines are cheap, though the overhaul needed probably won't be...

Tuner: Hitachi FT-5500 MkII
Outstanding performance on FM and utter reliability makes this the top vintage choice in tuners. Hear it with a good aerial and there's a chance you'll never bother with streaming again.

CD player: Pioneer PD-M500
Early Philips machines are now becoming expensive, but this unpretentious Pioneer model has much the same warmth and can still be found at bargain basement prices. Note that the laser lens can fall out, so give the machine a shake and make sure the lens doesn't rattle!

Amplifier: Sony TA-F45
With no fragile V-FETs to worry about this is a vintage Sony amp that you can actually use and enjoy. It has plenty of inputs and even boasts a decent MC phono stage built-in. With the protection relay cleaned and the bias set up properly, this amplifier is a little gem.


speakers: B&O Beovox S80.2
The owner of Europe's largest loudspeaker testing facility certainly knew what they were doing, as these often ignored middleweights prove. The woofer foam roll edges will need attention, but it is always worth paying extra to get a tidy pair complete with grilles and the proper factory stands.