ECM Records at 50 ECM Timeline

ECM Timeline

1969 Edition Of Contemporary Music founded by Manfred Eicher, Karl Egger and Manfred Scheffner. First recording released: Free At Last with Mal Waldron

1970 Jan Garbarek makes his first ECM recording

1971 Keith Jarrett's first solo album, Facing You

1975 Keith Jarrett's solo album The Köln Concert

1976 Pat Metheny's ECM debut Bright Size Life

1978 Steve Reich releases Music For 18 Musicians

1981 The American composer Meredith Monk's Dolmen Music

1984 ECM New Series launched with Arvo Pärt's Tabula Rasa

1985 JAPO sister label discontinued

1990 Eicher creates soundtrack for Godard film Nouvelle Vague

1992 New vinyl issues discontinued

1994 Garbarek/Hilliards Officium is a cross-genre hit

1996 ECM: Sleeves Of Desire published by Lars Müller

1997 ECM releases Nouvelle Vague complete soundtrack

2009 Vinyl reintroduced with 180g pressings

2010 Windfall Light: The Visual Language of ECM published by Lars Müller

2011 ECM releases documentary film Sounds And Silence: Travels With Manfred Eicher

2012 Peter Elsdon's book Keith Jarrett's The Koln Concert published by Oxford Studies In Recorded Jazz (OUP)

2017 Streaming introduced through Universal Digital

2019 ECM celebrates its 50th anniversary