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New DACs for Old

The idea behind PS Audio's ongoing upgrade programme is two-fold: one, extra functionality can be added when required; and two, as the company puts it, it's possible for owners to effectively get 'a new DAC for free', as the core operating system (OS) is replaced via a download and an SD card. In 2016, the company released its Torreys OS update, enabling those DirectStream DACs equipped with a Bridge II interface to act as a Roon endpoint. This was followed in June 2017 by the Huron OS, bringing further sound quality improvements by tackling jitter and noise, while a simultaneous Bridge II update allowed the DAC both to access Tidal and decode MQA files. RedCloud, launched at the end of last year and also known as FPGA131, is described by PS Audio as the DirectStream range's 'single biggest improvement yet'. Digital designer Ted Smith [see sidebar, p39], leading the launch of Huron, promises 'blacker backgrounds, greater instrument weight, improved image separation [and] far lower noise.' Why 'RedCloud'? It's named after a Colorado 'fourteener' – one of the 58 peaks in the state over 14,000ft.

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