The Bomb Squad Career Snapshots

Career Snapshots


The Bomb Squad begin stitching together their mix of samples and beats with the result that Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation Of Millions... is a watershed in rap

Requested by director Spike Lee for his 1989 film Do The Right Thing, ‘Fight The Power’ is hailed a masterpiece and is now Public Enemy’s best known song

The Bomb Squad man the boards for the Son of Bazerk single ‘Change The Style’. A head-on collision of beats and samples with a catchy melody ensure it’s a hit

Ice Cube works with The Bomb Squad on his debut solo LP, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted – a defining hip-hop album of the ’90s

Created for the abandoned US release of Lisa Stansfield’s ‘Time To Make You Mine’, the Bomb Squad remix appears in 2014

The Squad bring a fun and funky twist to Peter Gabriel’s hit ‘Steam’ with three remixes that appear on a 12in vinyl single

Run DMC benefit from The Bomb Squad’s work on their LP Down With The King with the single ‘Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do’ a hit in the US on the Billboard 100