Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Headphones JPS Labs Inc.

JPS Labs Inc.

JPS Labs is based in Lancaster, New York, some 14 miles from Buffalo. Since 1990 it has been producing interconnect, speaker and mains cables including USB and S/PDIF digital types. But its first product was a line-level 'bass alignment filter' called the 'Golden Flute', intended to match specific speakers including B&W's 801. It also produced interconnects with aluminium core 'superconductors' – designer Joe Skubinski declaring that aluminium offers more 'neutrality' than either copper or silver. JPS also offers a range of Stackzilla aluminium equipment stands and isolation platforms, all CNC-machined in house like the metalwork of the AB-1266. The planar drivers are also made entirely at the Lancaster plant. It took almost five years of research to finalise these drive units and their robust support structure: the goal was to match the finest of room loudspeakers and create an entirely maintenance-free headphone. In 2018 the company introduced its 'thinnest boutique headphone' the trickle-down and more portable £2995 Diana, supplied with 1.5m cable and carrying bag.

Lancaster, NY, USA
Supplied by: The Music Room, Glasgow
0141 333 9700