Primare CD35/I35 Prisma Network/CD Player & Amp Interview: Terry Medalen

Interview: Terry Medalen

'Lagom', Swedish for 'just the right amount', is what Primare's marketing supremo, Terry Medalen, thinks his company is all about. 'Not too much. Not too little. Everything in perfect balance, harmony, and proportion,' he says. No aspect of a Primare product, in either appearance or performance, should draw attention to itself. 'The music should be the primary experience and the perception of technology at work should disappear.' This concept, 'informs our very deliberate efforts to tread the difficult path between lifestyle and purist audio'.


He says another Scandinavian concept comes into play here, 'Hygge', which roughly translated as 'cozy', describes the highest expression of living. 'It's that deep satisfaction from sharing with family and friends in the simple celebration of everyday life.' Terry explains that this informs the Prisma concept, making all music media easily managed from familiar mobile devices and applications.

Primare's advocacy of Class D amplification is something he's very proud of. 'For over ten years we have been committed to this, and feel that with UFPD 2 we are closer than ever to achieving the technology's full potential. It allows for the greatest efficiency in providing instantaneous delivery of massive amounts of controlled power with low noise and distortion. The compact electrical design allows for the shortest and simplest signal path, and minimal production of heat, permitting the design of aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive products.'

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