Marantz SA-12SE/PM-12SE SACD Player/Amplifier The Class D Core

The Class D Core

Marantz's adoption of the Ncore power amp modules and switchmode PSU now extends across three seasons of its products, the association with technology brand Hypex beginning with the PM-10 [HFN Aug '17]. Bridged pairs of NC500 modules were employed in the high-specification PM-10, trimmed down to single modules in the PM-KI Ruby [HFN Jan '19] and the PM-12SE here. However, while 200W rating of the PM-10 was halved to 100W/8ohm for the 'Ruby and PM-12SE in practice the latter still achieves close to double this figure.



Class D also brings with it very high efficiency – the PM-12SE drawing just 255W from the wall when delivering 2x100W/8ohm. Furthermore, while less sophisticated H-bridge Class D amplifiers suffer from a load-dependent frequency response (changing with your choice of speaker), the single-ended 'global feedback' Hypex modules ensure a more consistent and predictable performance. PM

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