Klipsch RP-600M Loudspeaker Drive Time

Drive Time

None of the classic horn flares behave in reality as supposed by their inventors, so Klipsch's trademarked Hybrid Tractrix Horn aims to enhance the performance of the original tractrix flare, introduced in the UK in the mid-1920s by Paul Voigt as a superior option to the exponential alternative. Michael Buratto, Klipsch's product manager for its component audio division, explains that it is key to the design of the RP-600M, as it is to the company as a whole. 'The horn maximises high frequency sensitivity, focus and dynamics, while this newest generation uses special materials and geometry. The hybrid geometry tractrix design is shaped to reduce diffraction and horn resonance, which are partially responsible for the "midrange forward" sound of traditional horn-loaded designs. Reducing these qualities leads to a smoother, more balanced sound while maintaining the improved detail and sensitivity the horn provides. This helps to make the RP-600M among the most efficient in its class.' KH

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