Audiolab 9000CDT/9000A CD Transport/Amplifier Network Player

Network Player

Although Audiolab has both the 'just-add-speakers' Omnia model and the affordable 6000A Play in its stable, for its 9000 series it's keeping network streaming separate from its integrated amplifier. This, it says, is for both performance-related concerns and because 'not everyone requires network streaming' – the company's accountants are probably also in favour. Teased at Munich High End 2023 [see p26] and proposed for launch in Q3, priced around £2500, the 9000N [pictured above] is a network player (rather than a digital transport) with an ES9038PRO-based DAC stage, and features the same styling (including the LCD display) as the other 9000 series models.


Full details, including connection options, are still to be confirmed, but one thing that has been revealed is intriguing and points towards Audiolab's ambitions for its flagship streamer. Rather than adopt the same 'mass market' DTS Play-Fi platform found on its 6000 and 7000 Series, the 9000N will use a streaming solution developed by Hong Kong-based brand Lumin. Similarly, its operation will be supported via an 'Audiolab-skinned' version of Lumin's extremely well-designed app [as featured on the T3 network player, HFN Apr '23]. This will be the first time Lumin has licensed its technology to a third party, and the 9000N will also be the first streamer with Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet to use the Lumin platform. Meanwhile, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay 2 will deliver streaming outside of the control app. More details as we have them...

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