AKG K371 Headphones On Target

On Target

While over much of the frequency range the latest Harman circumaural/supra-aural target response is quite similar to the diffuse-field response which Gunter Thiele of the IRT identified as ideal in the 1980s, it differs significantly at low frequencies where the bass is shelved up by 6dB at 30Hz (re. 200Hz). While we've seen lots of headphones in recent years with a shelved-up bass, typically the rise in output has started much higher in frequency than ~200Hz, often beginning a little below 1kHz. By contrast, the Harman 2017 target response slopes downwards below 1kHz to be –2.1dB by 224Hz. Adherents to the Harman curve have claimed that this is why so many headphones with a bass boost have sounded thickened: because their lower midrange output is raised in level too. Because it follows the Harman target more closely – unsurprisingly given that AKG is a Harman brand (owned by Samsung) – the K371 represents a rare opportunity to discover whether that claim is borne out in practice. Note, though, that the review sample – for reasons which are unknown at this juncture – measured significantly differently via its left and right capsules.

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