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Welcome to the latest, 140-page February issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review – the heartiest read in hi-fi by far – on sale 18th January. Our cover stars this month are the huge Ultima amplifiers from Chord – a preamp and two monoblocks that represent the flagship of the brand's analogue technology. This issue also features the first full technical review of Avantgarde's UNO XD horn loudspeakers, first seen in the UK at our Hi-Fi Show Live in 2018. This, plus the first review of EAT's E-Petit phono preamp, the Due hybrid integrated from Unison Research and AVM's first turntable, the Rotation R 5.3.
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Welcome to the latest, 148-page January issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review – the heartiest read in hi-fi by far – on sale 21st December. Our cover star this month is the Air Force V turntable, the most affordable and compact model from the TechDAS range, still featuring an air-bearing and vacuum pull-down feature plus the capacity to accommodate no fewer than four separate tonearms. This issue also features the first full review of Marantz's SA-KI and PM-KI Ruby SACD player/DAC and integrated amplifier, launched in celebration of Ken Ishiwata's 40 years with the brand. This, plus the first technical exploration of DS Audio's new DS-W2 'optical' pick-up and, in our Investigation strand, a frank discussion about inspiration, innovation and hi-res audio with the master of the melodious synth – Jean-Michel Jarre – as the man himself spins-up his latest album, Equinoxe Infinity.
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Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th of November 2018
Advance Tickets Are On Sale Now!

The Hi-Fi Show Live 2018 is a specialty high-end audio event organised by the passionate audiophiles that bring you Hi-Fi News & Record Review magazine every month. The world's oldest and most respected hi-fi magazine knows a thing or two about sound quality, so expect to experience some of the very best demonstrations ever attempted in the UK!

In a refreshing departure from the conventional hotel show format, visitors will be treated to a series of memorable high-end audio events.

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A contributor for 30 years and editor for the last 10, Paul Miller oversaw the return of Hi-Fi News & Record Review to its specialist roots and yellow border and re-established its technical prowess on the world stage. He's tested more hi-fi than anyone in the business. Not bad for an ex-organic chemist. Paul is also the President of EISA.
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In 1986, the new editor of Hi-Fi News was only the fourth in the title's 30-year history, but would go on to see us through the next two decades, during which the hi-fi scene changed beyond all recognition. Since leaving for semi'retirement in 2005, Steve Harris remains a uniquely valued contributor.
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Ever wondered how reviewers built up their systems, and what their rooms are like? And how did they develop their reviewing techniques? Welcome to the listening room of the most influential and certainly the most entertaining writer in audio: Ken Kessler
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It's said that hi-fi, and especially loudspeaker performance, owes as much to art as to science, but audio journalism has all too often lost sight of the science completely. No-one can have done more to redress the balance than Hi-Fi News consultant technical editor Keith Howard.
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A lifelong enthusiast, John Bamford was already a respected audio journalist when, in 1991, he became the industry's best known poacher-turned-gamekeeper by joining Pioneer. Ten years ago he happily turned poacher again, writing exclusively for Hi-Fi News, until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. John passed away in Sept 2018, but we will always remember him as the passionate enthusiast and engaging writer celebrated on this page. RIP, our good friend and colleague.
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The European Imaging and Sound Association celebrates the year's most desirable hi-fi hardware Welcome to the EISA Awards for 2017-2018. For 35 years EISA has been selecting the most innovative, cutting-edge products for its prestigious EISA Awards. The Awards are debated and voted upon by groups of specialist judging panels covering the full spectrum of consumer electronics and photographic products, including Hi-Fi, Home Theatre, In-Car Electronics, Photo, Video and Mobile Devices. Key to the success and relevance of the annual EISA Awards lies in the evolution of its categories, always reflecting the changing trends and technologies of the consumer electronics world.
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The Duette 2 is a thorough revamp of the 2006 original, with its aesthetics enhanced by design cues that first appeared in the larger Wilson models – the optional stand, too, is a visual treat. Like the original, the Duette 2 uses the separate Novel crossover, its outboard status increasing the internal volume of the speaker so it still has ample space for an 8in woofer. Mounted inside the newly-designed stand, the crossover is mechanically isolated in its own dedicated enclosure. Upgrading the tweeter has involved the inclusion of a rear wave chamber, which is said to attenuate spurious energy ‘generated at the rear of the driver that would otherwise leak out of the acoustically translucent dome’.