Zesto Andros Deluxe II Phono Preamplifier Audio With Zesto

Audio With Zesto

Having seen Zesto products at countless shows, I was fascinated by their brave styling. I always hoped they sounded as good as they looked because breaking away from any norm takes guts. With experience encompassing everything from PA systems to 24-channel mixers, Zesto founder George Counnas – an ex-patriate Londoner living in California for many decades – wasn't bound by hi-fi convention. His background in electrical engineering at a professional audio level, including a stint with Decca Navigator before emigrating to the USA, found him doing favours for friends with hi-fi aspirations. This led him to servicing and ultimately developing hi-fi equipment, planting the roots of Zesto in 2010.

Inspired by a friend to produce that first Andros PS1 phono stage, Counnas committed to high-end audio, resulting in a full family of valve products. This includes a trio of phono stages, the Andros Deluxe II being the middle model of the group comprised of the Andros II and the two-chassis Andros Tessera. To enhance existing phono stages, there's also the Andros Allasso step-up transformer while standalone amplification includes the Leto Ultra II preamp, the Bia 120 stereo power amp and the Eros 300 'Class A' monoblocks.

Zesto Audio
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Supplied by: Signature Audio Systems, UK
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