YG Acoustics Cairn Loudspeaker New Generation

New Generation

The period following the departure of founder and Chief Engineer, Yoav Geva, has seen the new ownership of YG Acoustics – the Colorado-based high-end loudspeaker brand – focus on developing its most accessible range to date. In fact the new Peaks series would never have been possible without the combination of financial investment from the US and 'technological' investment – including a host of proprietary simulation resources – from UK-based Cambridge Acoustic Sciences. The latter was co-founded by Cambridge astrophysicist Matthew Webster, who is now CEO of YG Acoustics and works alongside longstanding YG employees Nathan Cramer (Operations manager) and Jason Browning (Product design lead) who remain at the Denver plant.

Every facet of the Peaks loudspeakers, from driver and crossover design to cabinet construction and materials optimisation – down to the glue and veneer quality – was trialled in software before physical 'proof of concept' samples saw the light of day. The correlation between this holistic modelling and the 'real life' loudspeakers was very reassuring, according to Matthew, with the impact of very small changes in cabinet bracing, for example, being accurately predicted.

Following a further $2m investment, the production facility has doubled in size and all-new three-axis CNC machines installed to beef-up the brand's manufacturing capacity. The extra resource has allowed YG Acoustics to embark on a three-year roadmap with the Peaks series as its first offering. We can expect another range to 'fly in' above the Peaks at some point in the future... PM

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