Wilson Audio Sasha DAW Loudspeaker A New Dawn

A New Dawn
If our reviews carried titles then 'Sasha, a new DAW(n)' would be apt because this speaker is not simply another Sasha iteration following on from the Sasha Series-2 [HFN Jun '14], which in turn carried the DNA of the original two-box Watt/Puppy. I will always feel privileged to have been in Munich back in 2009 when the original Sasha was unveiled for the first time. Alas, it was the last occasion on which I was able to interview Dave Wilson. But I still remember how happy he was for what he considered to be a turning point in Wilson Audio's history. At the time, I wrote: 'The saga is not over yet. This is a never ending story of passion and commitment to the quest for the Holy Grail and I hereby pledge not to retire until I review the Sasha V'. It may be a close call!
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