Weiss DAC501 USB/network DAC Sidebar

Number Crunching

Given the early career of Daniel Weiss at Willi Studer AG, where he worked on SRC (sample rate conversion) and DSP (digital signal processing) electronics, it's not surprising to see some interesting number-crunching options going into his latest DACs now. Weiss made a name for itself with the Gambit Series back in the '80s, with its clever standalone DSP effects. Now, the latest DAC501 offers four such options, switched either in the unit's DSP menu, remote control via presets or web browser. These include 'Vinyl Emulation', which attempts to give what Weiss calls, 'that special sonic character of a record player', no less. 'Creative Equaliser' is a sophisticated multi-band parametric equaliser with frequency, gain and Q options. 'Crosstalk Cancelling' (XTC) also has complex configuration options, and is said to give a live studio feel to the music. 'Room Equaliser' suppresses room modes, again by detailed tailoring of the sound across five bands. Configuring all these DSP settings is not trivial, and you would be well advised to use the web browser interface, which makes things appear simpler and more visually comprehensible. Many will, I suspect, leave them all bypassed.

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