System Audio Legend 60.2 Silverback Active Loudspeaker Room Service

Room Service

The Platin Audio Stereo Hub is not simply a way to feed the Legend 60.2 Silverback a wireless signal – it also works in conjunction with System Audio's Room Service app. Available at present for iOS (Apple) devices only, but with an Android version due to arrive soon, Room Service uses the microphone within your smartphone/tablet to measure the response characteristics of your listening room. It then aims to correct the Hub's output signal to compensate for bass peaks and troughs below 300Hz, while capturing higher-frequency data to help 'identify the natural response of the loudspeaker'.


Unlike some platforms that work on one or more specific seating positions, here a one-minute sweep across the soundstage ('continuous soundfield sampling') is performed. Room Service displays a frequency plot of your room, overlaid with the corrected response [see screenshots, inset here]. This EQ'd profile is then stored on an Analog Devices DSP within the Hub, and can be disabled if desired via the app. As it's not stored within the 60.2 Silverback's own DSP, it can't be used with playback via the analogue XLR input.

System Audio A/S
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