Synthesis Metropolis NYC 200i Integrated Amplifier Luigi Lorenzon

Luigi Lorenzon

I recall seeing its amplifiers over the years at the late, lamented Top Audio show in Milan, but Synthesis' roots go back further than its 1992 debut. Founder Luigi Lorenzon filled us in on the pre-history, and what led up to a brand now celebrating its 30th anniversary. Accounting for the company's superb transformers, Luigi learned to manufacture them as a boy, taught by his father. 'He founded FASEL in 1961, designing transformers for valve amplifiers. These rapidly became a reference point for the sector, FASEL emerging as a manufacturer of output transformers, power transformers, choke inductors for musical instruments, and other components.' Luigi would inherit the company, the tooling and its trade skills.

Guitarists will be interested to learn that the FASEL Model 3.370.063 output transformer was produced for Vox and was used in the Vox AC30 amplifier, which means that The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and most of the other 'British Invasion' bands – and later, Jimi Hendrix – were heard through FASEL transformers. Adds Luigi, 'The legendary red FASEL inductor was used in the Cry Baby wah-wah pedal'. After inheriting FASEL, Luigi decided to combine the technical knowledge acquired from his father with his love for music, creating Synthesis Art in Music in 1992. For those who respect provenance, says Luigi, 'Synthesis Art in Music represents the continuation of over 60 years of experience in the field of high-end electronics'.

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