Supravox Vouvray Integrated Amplifier French Connection

French Connection

Supravox is one of France's most venerable audio brands with members of the founding Dorliac family developing drivers for radios in the 1930s and full-range AlNiCo transducers in the 1940s. The Supravox brand was formally registered in 1956 by Madame Dorliac when the company began supplying drivers for the growing TV market. That led to RTF (Radio Télévision Française) commissioning Supravox to develop drivers for its recording studios, and in 1964 the 215mm RTF64 was born. This found favour with DIY'ers of the day and was also used in Elipson's famous spherical BS50 speaker with its shell-like acoustic reflectors.

After a change of ownership in the late 1970s, the brand produced its own audiophile loudspeakers while continuing to advance its portfolio of full-range drivers. However, as the hi-fi market moved firmly into two-way and three-way designs, Supravox fell into a fallow period. Fast forward to 2017 when a cash injection from new owners Akylis Capital reinvigorated the brand, resulting in Supravox's current lineup of loudspeakers, drivers, speaker kits and its first foray into electronics, the Vouvray integrated amplifier.

Montévrain, France
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