Scritti Politti: Cupid & Psyche 85 Alternate Format Discography

Alternate Format Discography


The album was released on the 10th of June 1985 in the UK on Virgin [V2350]. The original LP came with an inner sleeve carrying a photo of the band [pictured below] and the song lyrics. It was released in the US in the same format by Warner Brothers [9 25302-1].

The Japanese LP featured an obi strip and fold-out poster of singer Green Gartside, with translated lyrics and liner notes in Japanese [Virgin 25VB-1028]. The version of 'Perfect Way' is slightly shorter than the one found on the UK album and is a different mix, but it's the same version that appeared on the UK CD. Some of these releases came in an embossed cover with the title in gold relief.


The Argentine LP was released in the standard sleeve but on the record label is titled Cupido Psiquis. The track titles are translated into Spanish, except 'Wood Beez...' as there was no linguistic equivalent.

Surprisingly for such a critically and commercially successful album, Cupid & Psyche 85 has, to date, been neither remastered nor pressed on heavyweight vinyl. The most recent LP version was released in 2021 on Rough Trade [RTRADLP695] and comes with the original inner sleeve and new liner notes by Green Gartside and Dave Gamson.

In 2023 a limited edition LP with the same catalogue number was pressed onto red opaque vinyl as part of the HMV 1921-2021 100th anniversary series. This was to celebrate the opening of the first HMV store in London's Oxford Street.


In the UK, the 1985 cassette of Cupid & Psyche 85 [Virgin TCV 2350] included bonus longer 'versions' of 'Flesh And Blood', 'Wood Beez', 'Absolute' and 'Hypnotize', which were the B-sides of the original singles. This cassette release was sold in two versions, one with black and one with off-white shells. The US cassette had off-white shells [Warner Bros 4-25302] and a Dolby HXPro Club version with the same catalogue number was also available.



In Europe, 1985 also saw the CD debut of Cupid & Psyche 85 [Virgin CDV 2350, pictured below]. The release featured three bonus B-side versions – 'Absolute', 'Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)' and 'Hypnotize' – but was missing 'Flesh And Blood'. It came with an eight-page booklet with lyrics, credits, photos and artwork. US CDs were on Warner Brothers [925302-1]. Cupid & Psyche 85 was also released in the US in longbox form [Warner Brothers 9 25302-2] with redesigned front and back cover artwork.


The album was reissued on CD in the UK 2022 in a gatefold digisleeve on Rough Trade [RTRADCD695], manufactured by Optimal Media GmbH, and a Japanese version was made available in the same year in a cardboard sleeve facsimile of the original artwork on Rough Trade/Beat [RTRAD695CDJP].