PS Audio aspen FR20 Loudspeaker Paul McGowan

Paul McGowan

For our review of PS Audio's flagship aspen FR30 [HFN Jun '22] we spoke with planar/ribbon driver specialist and PS Audio's Senior Loudspeaker Design Engineer, Chris Brunhaver, who elaborated on the challenges of integrating planar, moving-coil and ABR driver technologies into one unified speaker solution. Following the launch of the FR30 the development programme at PS Audio has been focused around scaling these core technologies into smaller form factors, while retaining as much of the performance and 'sonic signature' as possible.

Talking exclusively to Hi-Fi News, PS Audio's CEO Paul McGowan revealed details of a four-strong aspen range, all featuring the same planar magnetic tweeter. 'We've also developed a smaller 200mm planar magnetic midrange driver with a high 96dB/1W sensitivity and covering nearly the same bandwidth', says Paul, 'together with a new 180mm bass driver that uses the same advanced magnet structure as in our larger models'.

Bass is augmented with new 6x9in 'racetrack-shaped' ABRs with carbon-fibre/Rohacell/fibreglass diaphragms designed for use in smaller and slimmer cabinets. The latter make more extended use of PS Audio's thermoset fiberglass composite to simplify the enclosure construction. 'The aspen FR10 will follow', Paul announces. 'It's a slim, compact three-way with a TMWW configuration and three rear-firing ABRs. The aspen FR5 is a two-way standmount with optional matching stand and a single rear-firing ABR.' You read it here first, folks! PM

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