PS Audio aspen FR20 Loudspeaker Speaker Setup

Speaker Setup

Subtitled 'Unlock the Secrets to Great Sound', Paul McGowan's The Audiophile's Guide: The Loudspeaker will show you how best to set up your system's speakers, but then the manual supplied with the aspen FR20 has that more than covered off. Instead, partnered with the Octave Records release of the same title [OCT0021], this comprehensive softback book starts with the fundamentals of how sound is created and reproduced, then takes the reader through the basics of speaker design and construction. It continues with an exhaustive – and sometimes exhausting – description of how best to install your speakers, how they interact with your room, and how you should optimise the sound they produce.


I wouldn't for a moment suggest this is a book to read straight through at one sitting, and neither do you need to study every word in order to set up a pair of speakers correctly, but McGowan's easygoing style makes this both an informative read into which to dip, and a useful reference guide.

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