Pro-Ject X2 B/Phono Box S3 B Turntable/Phono Preamp Pro-Ject X2 B

Pro-Ject X2 B

Pro-Ject's X2 B turntable/arm/MC combination is based on the X2 deck [HFN Nov '19] but with the (Ortofon) Pick it 2M Silver MM cartridge replaced here by an Ortofon Quintet Red MC and internal tonearm wiring terminated in both RCAs as well as a mini-XLR for true balanced connection. The X2 B also shares the same PSU, AC motor and bearing as its more affordable X1 cousin [HFN Aug '19], but the 2kg acrylic platter, arm and plinth have all been uprated.


The deck is supplied with round-section and flat rubber belts – the former for use at 78rpm, the latter for 33.3/45rpm. Measured directly through the stainless steel/brass/Teflon bearing, rumble amounts to –66.1dB (re. 1kHz/5cm/sec, DIN-B wtd) improving to –67.5dB (through groove) and –68.0dB with the felt mat in place. Absolute speed is good to +0.04% and peak wow is very low at 0.02% even though ±83Hz sidebands contribute to a higher 0.07% flutter. The 9in X2 alloy/carbon tonearm traces its roots back to Pro-Ject's 'The Classic' deck [HFN Aug '16] and is better suited to low-ish compliance MCs than 'softer' MMs. Our resonance test revealed a diffuse main tube mode at 145Hz, with other 'sharper' modes at 280Hz, 510Hz and 645-860Hz, all of which are swiftly damped. PM

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