Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra network bridge Sidebar

App in a Box Design


The Stream Box S2 Ultra can be controlled via one of two apps – at the time of testing I was unable to find the dedicated Pro-Ject Play app on iOS, so loaded it on an Android tablet instead, while my iPad was loaded with the Pro-Ject Remote app. Both have fairly basic graphics, but it’s relatively easy to set things up, with only a little faffery sorting access to my online music library – but then I do have several NAS devices each running a range of server software. From the main screen you can also access Spotify and Tidal, subject to the appropriate subscriptions, and USB sticks, when inserted, show up on the menu, too. The ‘now playing’ screen echoes the rather basic theme – yes, there are colour sleeve images behind the text on the Pro-Ject Play app I tried on Android, and much crisper ones on the iOS app – but neither interface has quite the slick visual appeal some manufacturers have mustered.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems
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