Perreaux Eloquence 255i integrated amplifier/DAC Sidebar

World's Most Powerful?

'The World's Most Powerful Integrated Amplifier' is the bold claim made for the new 255i on Perreaux's website, with the caveat 'In reference to the 255i as a Class AB integrated amplifier'. Rated at 2x250W, or 320W, or 360W/8ohm depending on where you choose to look on the website, flyer or manual, the 255i is certainly powerful as it actually delivers closer to 2x435W/8ohm [see Lab Report]. But is it truly the most powerful integrated, ever? That rather depends on how we define the power – into 8ohm or better reflecting its speaker load tolerance as power, or current, into 2 or 1ohm? Marantz's PM-10 offered 620W/8ohm [HFN Aug '17] but this is a Class D design, and only mustered 170W/1ohm, while Musical Fidelity's Nu-Vista 800 [HFN Nov '14] delivered a slightly lower 2x325W/8ohm but with a massive 2.2kW/1ohm (46.4A) under dynamic conditions. So too, the Krell S-550i [HFN Jul '13] offered 2x336W/8ohm with 2.4kW/1ohm (49.4A). Judged by these standards the 255i, which is protected at 1.5kW/2ohm and 610W/1ohm (26.7A), is arguably less powerful. However, unless you have the world's least sensitive/lowest impedance speakers in tow, you'd be hard-pressed to judge the difference! PM

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