Perlisten Audio R7t Loudspeaker Silk Array

Silk Array

We discussed the thinking behind Perlisten's Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguide – the trio of drivers set into the centre of the baffle – in our review of its flagship S7t floorstanders [HFN Apr '22]. In both the S7t and R7t, the shape of this dished waveguide is mapped together with the profile of the three treble drivers to optimise their combined response and dispersion, controlling both the array's vertical and horizontal directivity. But the R7t's execution of the array is necessarily less sophisticated, its three 26mm silk-dome tweeters replacing the two 28mm laminated (thin-ply carbon diaphragm) domes and central 28mm beryllium dome tweeter that feature in the S7t. The crossover is different too, although still tricky to define as the poles are staggered, with overlapping bands. For example, all three 26mm domes play in the midrange above the 1.4kHz crossover point, although the outer pair operate 6dB below the level of the centre dome and only up to 4kHz, rolling away at 12dB/octave (2nd order) to leave the lone tweeter singing up to ~30kHz. Completing the ensemble, the pairs of 165mm fibre-coned woofers operate in unison up to 250Hz with the innermost set continuing up to meet the array at 1.4kHz. PM

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