Paradigm Persona 9H Loudspeaker Singing The Anthem

Singing The Anthem

Anthem's Room Correction system is more commonly associated with that company's AV processors and receivers, where it does full-range, multichannel optimisation. Here in its latest 'ARC Genesis' form it's working in stereo and only on the bass: a measuring microphone is used, the unique calibration file for each individual mic being downloaded from the Anthem website, as is the ARC software itself. With the microphone on its stand and pointing straight up, measurements are taken at and around the listening position, one speaker at a time, and from this the bass response is calculated.


The passive crossover [illustrated] used between the tweeter and midrange drivers plays no part in all this – the correction is purely applied in the DSP for the bass section, the part of the frequency range most susceptible to room effects. It's possible to switch the ARC settings in and out using a pushbutton on the rear of each speaker.

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