MoFi UltraGold Cartridge MoFi's Moving-Magnets

MoFi's Moving-Magnets

Launched in 2016, and also voiced by Spiral Groove founder Allen Perkins, the 'Trackers' are a trio of moving-magnet pick-ups bearing the MoFi moniker. Dubbed the StudioTracker, UltraTracker and MasterTracker (£199, £499 and £799, respectively) these bespoke MMs are built in Japan to MoFi's specification – a key feature being their 'V-Twin dual-magnet generator' that matches the layout of the cutting head in MoFi's lathes. The symmetry of that magnetic circuit is borne out in the matched L+R and L-R response and distortion traces of the MasterTracker [HFN Jul '19], usurping the UltraGold MC in this regard.

Otherwise, while the Tracker MMs and UltraGold MC are excellent, er, trackers the new MC has the edge here, as it does with its more extended high treble response. This, in large part, is down to the superior profile of the UltraGold's Shibata stylus, the enhanced rigidity of the boron cantilever and reduced moving mass of this ensemble and PC-OCC coils. The MasterTracker employs a similar Fine Line stylus but, like all the Trackers, it has a crimped alloy cantilever and slightly stiffer suspension (lower compliance) than the MC. While it's unusual for the MC in a family of pick-ups to have a higher compliance than its MM relatives, this does ensure the UltraGold will sail through the most violent of grooves without pause. It's also better suited to the popular medium effective mass tonearms from the likes of SME, Rega and Pro-Ject too. PM

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