MoFi SourcePoint 8 Loudspeaker Art Of Compromise

Art Of Compromise

Many loudspeaker designers remain resistant to the idea of coaxial drivers, particularly where the cone is large enough not only for midrange duty but also deep bass. Amplitude modulation, caused by the treble dome protruding from and then receding into the voice-coil former of the cone, is often cited as the biggest drawback. Andrew Jones, MoFi's speaker designer, clearly takes a more holistic approach, acknowledging the subjective impact of AM distortion but trading this against the benefits of a 'point source' radiator – achieved by aligning the acoustic centres of the two drivers – and the prospect of delivering a far more predictable and consistent on- and off-axis frequency response.

In the SourcePoint 8, Jones has retained the same 32mm tweeter that he used in the '10, which has the scope and excursion to operate at the same low 1.6kHz, although the crossover alignment has been revised to maintain a consistent 'voicing' between the two models. To achieve a bass performance that's very close to that of the '10, with its larger cone and cabinet, without dramatically increasing the 'throw' of the '8's cone – and courting higher AM distortion – means accepting a far lower sensitivity. The SourcePoint 10 is rated at 91dB/2.83V/1m while the '8 is just 87dB – a perceptible difference. But all speaker design is a compromise, and Andrew Jones, ex of KEF and TAD, is a proven master of the art. PM

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