MoFi SourcePoint 10 Loudspeaker Happy Coincidence

Happy Coincidence

Just like KEF with its Uni-Q mid/treble driver, Andrew Jones, for MoFi, has incorporated a dome tweeter where the dust cap of the bass/mid cone would otherwise be located. The idea of using a coaxial alignment to avoid the unpredictable vertical (off-axis) response experienced with conventionally spaced bass/mid/treble drivers is taken to its logical conclusion here – Jones' design uses a single, concentric driver array to cover the entire audioband.


A 'point source' is achieved by aligning the acoustic centres of the two drivers, while the tweeter embodies sufficient size (33mm) and excursion to operate as low as 1.6kHz. Jones has specified the flare of the large 250mm bass cone to optimally load the tweeter, matching its directivity to that of the cone at crossover, while attempting to minimise reflections from the mouth (the cone surround) back towards the throat (the cone apex). Success? Go to the Lab Report. PM

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