Mark Levinson No5805 Integrated Amp/DAC Phono With Flair

Phono With Flair

The intentionally 'shaped' RIAA response of the No5805's phono stage, with its shelved-up bass (+0.4dB) and presence/treble (+0.2dB) [black trace, inset Graph], is very similar to that observed with the No526 preamp [HFN Dec '16]. However, its feature set and performance is otherwise simplified in this new integrated model. For example there are only two gain options offered here – the +39dB and +69dB MM/MC settings turning out closer to +48dB and +77.5dB in practice. While these settings look better suited to medium output MMs and lower output MCs (the sensitivies are 3.93mV and 133µV, respectively), the revised phono stage offers an impressively wide 80dB A-wtd S/N ratio and generous input overload margins.


With a massive +32dB headroom available via MM (re. 1kHz/5cm/sec), the No5805 will easily accommodate the highest output pick-ups tracking the most heavily modulated grooves. Distortion is highest at low frequencies [red trace, above, 0.02-0.15%, 20Hz-20kHz/1000mV] but as a trend increases smoothly with (preamp) output level from 0.01%/500mV to 0.1%/1800mV and 1%/5000mV. PM

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Supplied by: Harman Luxury Audio Group (UK), Cambridge
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