Lu Kang Audio Spoey230 Loudspeaker A Family Business

A Family Business

Lu Kang Audio is new this year to the UK market, but the company – based in Tapei City, Taiwan – isn't a fresh-as-a-daisy startup. It was founded over 30 years ago by Frank Shi, beginning as an importer of 'high-end' audio brands. This is an aspect of the business that lives on – it currently distributes Comet DACs from US marque Exogal, amplifiers from Hong Kong's JE Audio, and Odiosis cables via French company Omerin – but the decision was made in the 1990s to begin developing its own loudspeakers. More recently the baton has been passed from Frank Shi to his son, Rox, who is responsible for the design of the Spoey models, its first to be sold outside of Taiwan and its international calling card. Described as 'a gift to music and all who listen,' the speakers are, we're told, the result of a lengthy driver selection and tuning process.

Lu Kang Audio
Taipei City, Taiwan
Supplied by: Whole Note Distribution, Angus, Scotland
0203 9115 549