Kiseki Blue N.S. cartridge Sidebar

Herman van den Dungen

Best known for PrimaLuna electronics, which did more to prove that Chinese-made valve amps could match those made in the West, and at lower price points, Herman van den Dungen is one of Europe’s legendary distributors. A key player in importing American and Japanese exotica, he expanded into production, Kiseki preceding his efforts with PrimaLuna. Kiseki was born of necessity, when Herman was having problems with supplies of Koetsus. Being hand-made and artisanal (if ever a hi-fi brand could seduce hipsters, it has to be Koetsu...), deliveries were sporadic. So Herman sent a hand-drawing for the body of a cartridge to friends making tonearms, who quickly produced six aluminium bodies, which were then sent to three cartridge makers in Japan. Specifications and details were given – admittedly close to those of Koetsu’s – and Herman tested the returned prototypes back in Holland. The winning design became the first Kiseki, the Blue, which was followed by the PurpleHeart, BlackHeart, Agaat and Lapis Lazuli ranges.

Kiseki/Durob Audio BV
The Netherlands
Supplied by: Symmetry, Herts
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