Jadis JPS8 and JA50 The Technology

The Technology

Behind the front panel of the JA50 is the power transformer, a pair of massive capacitors, then the output transformer. Next comes the bank of valves and two more capacitors, and lastly the rear panel with an XLR-only input and two pairs of WBT multi-way binding posts to facilitate bi-wiring. All of this is housed in a compact chassis, occupying only 190x210x470mm (hwd) – but don't crowd it as it pumps out a fair bit of heat. The JA50 is rated at 50W and can drive speakers from 1-16ohm, and while the review pair was setup with Wilson's WATT Puppies in mind, it also saw time with LS3/5A loudspeakers without problem. Input impedance is said to be 100kohm, bandwidth is stated as 5-29kHz (JPS8's is 5-23kHz), and sensitivity is a claimed 850mV for the rated 50W output.