Jadis JPS8 and JA50 Also In HFN This Month In 2003

Also In HFN This Month In 2003

Gayle Sanders interview
The man from MartinLogan talks about ugly screen doors and using speakers naked...

Phase Contrast
A forgotten aspect of distortion measurement re-examined.

JMLab Grande Utopia Be
Alvin Gold lives with the new no-holds-barred flagship from France's biggest speaker brand.

Creek CD50 CD Player
David Berriman reviews this new-look UK design.

Linn Akiva cartridge
Andrew Harrison on Linn's most expensive MC pick-up yet: can it justify a £1800 price tag?

Unison Research Unico
This Italian player has a triode valve output stage to match the Unico amp. Ken Kessler tries it.

AVI Pro-Nine Plus
Christopher Breunig on the upgraded Pro Nine speaker.

Karan KA S450 amplifier
Martin Colloms finds much to praise in this high-powered European muscle amp.

Musical Fidelity A308CR
David Allcock asks if this is the new reference player at £2000.