Innuos Statement Music Server Work In Progress

Work In Progress

In common with other Innuos storage/players, this flagship model includes a built-in web browser that's accessible via a PC, Mac or tablet connected to the same network [pictured, below right]. However, this governs CD ripping, file importing and folder/file editing only – you cannot 'play' files from this interface. For playback Innuos recommends iPeng 9 (iOS), OrangeSqueeze (Android) and Squeeze Control (Windows 10) at additional cost. Our 'default' apps – Linn Kinsky/Kazoo, Bubble UPnP and foobar2000 could see the Statement but not the renderer (the attached USB DAC). Roon [pictured, below] recognised the Innuos Statement and connected DACs from Chord, Novatron, Mytek and Pro-Ject, but not the PS Audio Stellar, for example. Innuos cites 'Roon Core and Roon Bridge' compatibility in its literature and 'All Innuos music servers are ready to work with Roon out of the box'.


However, Danny Dulai, Roon's COO, writes 'As an audio endpoint, these [Innuos] products are not Roon Ready or Roon Tested. As a Core, these products do not meet our minimum requirements...'. See here. Roon responded directly to HFN, 'Innuos is approved to redistribute RoonServer on its devices. Going forward, no future devices will be approved to distribute RoonServer'. Nuno Vitorino, Innuos' Director, says 'We do not seek the product to be certified Roon-Ready. We have Roon users with NAS libraries around 15TB and they have no relevant issues with performance. We want to be the first line of support to our customers, so if there is an issue we will liaise directly with Roon Support to provide a solution'. PM

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