HiFi Rose RS201 E Streaming DAC/Amplifier Big Screen Action

Big Screen Action

The high-quality 8.8in display that dominates the front panel of the RS201 E is no stylistic gimmick – it's as much a core component of the system as the Rose OS and the dedicated Rose music app. Big, clear and informative, the display makes the system simple to set up, and keeps the user fully informed through cueing and playback with its artwork options.


Detailed adjustments in the extensive menu system extend to playing video in resolutions at up to 4K – although all that picture detail is rather wasted unless your nose is pressed up to the display. Moreover, just because HiFi Rose has come up with this big, clear and deeply impressive touchscreen, don't think the company hasn't retained a sense of fun... Dig into the menu and you'll find clock displays, from analogue faces to retro styles, including a 'big numbers' digital readout filling the whole screen. There's even a flip-type mechanical readout, if you want your system to look like a 1960s clock radio complete with a choice of alarm ringer tones!

Citech Co., Ltd
South Korea
Supplied by: Henley Audio Ltd, UK
01235 511166