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Grimm Tales

The leading lights of Grimm Audio are not quite the Brothers Grimm, but founder Eelco Grimm gives the company its name, and is its Creative Director. He lectures and researches at the HKU University of the Arts, Music and Technology in Utrecht, has developed loudness normalisation systems for broadcast, and is the former editor of the Dutch Pro-Audio magazine. His co-owner is Guido Tent, who worked on analogue audio, RF and EMC at Philips, and now also runs Tentlabs, which sells a valve amp kit and the b-Audio range of DACs and a Hypex-based Class D amplifier. Grimm Audio works closely with labels such as Channel Classics, whose founder Jared Sacks mixes and edits using a surround system comprising an array of the company's speakers. As strong believers in the design of music systems from end-to-end, the company also makes subwoofers for use with its speakers, and cables, master clocks and converters to build a complete set-up, whether for home use or pro mastering.

The MU1 is based around the well-established Roon platform, in order to deliver user-convenience: as Eelco Grimm says of the MU1, 'media players often make me feel nervous. They sound different, depending on the processor jobs, etc... I don't want that. I want a music player to be stable and reliable. And always be confident that it runs smoothly'.

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