DALI KORE Loudspeaker Origin Story

Origin Story

The inspiration for the KORE was an abandoned project from a decade ago, the ME9 [pictured], which was shown as a concept design at various events. With a lofty cabinet having an hourglass shape, the side panels curved inwards, it used bass drivers mounted at the top and bottom of the baffle, flanking a pair of midrange units which, in turn, straddled a central tweeter. It was built as a cost-no-object statement reflecting what the company could achieve at the time, and DALI hinted at an official launch within a year under the Eminent name.


However, events overtook the ME9, and despite the obvious effort put into both designing and building the speaker, a downturn in the world economic situation led to it being shelved before it could come to market. But elements of the design survived, and are now incorporated into the KORE, which is said to bring together all the company has learned in the past 40 years. Understandably, the KORE will be built to order.

Nørager, Denmark
Supplied by: DALI Audio UK Ltd, Herts, UK
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