D'Agostino Relentless Preamp Preamplifier Ultimate Power

Ultimate Power

The natural partner for the Relentless Preamp? The Relentless monoblocks, of course... These quarter-tonne behemoths were first seen and heard at our UK Hi-Fi Show Live in 2019 and graced our cover exactly two years ago [HFN Mar '20]. The experience left its mark, although the massive rollercoaster of a sound was seemingly all the more visceral, gripping and spatially adventurous when partnered this time around with Wilson's fabulous Alexx V floorstanders [HFN Jan '22] and the newcomer Relentless preamp, all laced with Transparent Audio's Gen 6 interconnect and speaker cable.


Two years on and Hi-Fi News remains the only hi-fi resource to have tested the Relentless monoblocks. In short, this amplifier is the most powerful and load-tolerant in current hi-fi memory, besting even Musical Fidelity's Tri-Vista kW [HFN Aug '03]. D'Agostino quotes 1.5kW/8ohm, doubling to 3kW/4ohm and 6kW/2ohm although we obtained a slightly higher 1.61kW/8ohm and lower 2.73kW/4ohm. Moreover, under dynamic conditions, its massive PSU serves up 1.74kW, 3.35kW, 6.36kW and 11.33kW into 8, 4, 2 and 1ohm loads, respectively – equivalent to 106.4A (10msec at <1% THD)! However you look at it, the Relentless amplifiers will surely drive any high-end loudspeaker with unwavering confidence. PM

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