D'Agostino Relentless Mono Power Amplifier The HD Preamp

The HD Preamp

The perfect partner for D'Agostino's flagship monoblocks? The Momentum HD Preamp, seen here in silver/copper livery, is certainly an aesthetic match for the Relentless but it was designed primarily to service the Momentum M400 [HFN Oct '16] and S250 power amplifiers. We learned during our interview with designer/CEO Dan D'Agostino [see opposite page] that the HD Preamp already benefits from a lot of the thinking that has informed the soon-to-be-released Relentless Preamplifier, including the use of a fully discrete differential FET input stage, comprehensive PSU filtering and isolation, plus over-voltage rails (+36%) for the output stage.


Convenience features are enhanced too, including the remote control which is now a Bluetooth device offering out-of-sight, long-range operation. Owners of the existing Momentum Preamplifier [HFN Nov '13] are able to upgrade to the new Momentum HD model. A separate in-depth review of the £48,000 HD Preamplifier is scheduled for next month's Hi-Fi News, and I used one during the course of my extended sessions with the Relentless, typically partnered with dCS's Vivaldi One digital hub [HFN Feb '18].

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