Buzzcocks: Another Music In A Different Kitchen Production Notes

Production Notes

When recording Spiral Scratch at Manchester's Indigo Studios the musicians played in different rooms, and Shelley described TW studios in Fulham – where they laid down 'Orgasm Addict' and 'Whatever Happened To...?' – as 'dank'. So, for Another Music In A Different Kitchen, Buzzcocks went upmarket to Olympic Studios in Barnes. They set up together in the room where The Rolling Stones had recorded 'Sympathy For The Devil', as pictured on the cover of their 1979 album Singles Going Steady.

Martin Rushent, who'd overseen the TW sessions, was again on production duties, even during early demo recordings on December 14th. In the interview book Ever Fallen In Love, Shelley said that the Buzzcocks were far more energetic than non-punk bands and Rushent would 'come along to make sure that the engineer wasn't making us sound like the last group who'd been in'.

Because Shelley had strong ideas about how his songs should sound, very little tweaking was required and after the demo session, the album was recorded over two weeks in late December/early January.

Martin Rushent, according to Shelley, 'could always make it a fun experience rather than a headache, and could always get the best out of the band'. Buzzcocks worked with him again on the albums Love Bites (1978) and A Different Kind Of Tension (1979). The singer said the group felt comfortable presenting him with more outré ideas such as odd time signatures and freeform sections. 'Some producers wouldn't even know what to do with that stuff', Shelley said. 'But he would always make it sound good.'