Boulder 866 Integrated Amplifier Boulder Control

Boulder Control

Free from the Apple App Store, or Boulder's website as an apk file for the Android version ('we are currently working towards getting it to the Google Play Store', says the company), the Controller app mainly mirrors the 866's touchscreen, with volume and input selection on the home 'page' and settings a finger-tap away.


These include switching the volume 'type' (dB or 0-100) and setting max, default and mute levels; adjusting trim (between 0 and 25) for each input; renaming inputs if desired; setting an input to Home Theatre mode (unity gain); lowering the 866's display brightness; and establishing a Wi-Fi connection. The app is more convenient here than the touchscreen, and even lets you change display icons for different inputs – you might, for example, want to upload a picture of your CD player to 'Analog 1'. For best results, ensure the image ratio is 1:1.

Boulder Amplifiers Inc
Louisville, CO, USA
Supplied by: Padood, Cambridge, UK
01223 653199