AVM Inspiration CS 2.3 All-In-One Solution Speaker Synergy

Speaker Synergy

Recently, AVM's amplifiers have had a technology tie-in with Pascal's Class D modules, the U-PRO 2S being the card of choice for the CS 2.3 [the beefier S-PRO 2 was employed in the Ovation CS 8.2, HFN May '17]. As we saw in that, and other Class D amps of this type, the CS 2.3's response is still influenced by speaker load impedance, the treble falling away as impedance drops [see inset Graph: no speaker load, grey trace; 8ohm, black; 4ohm red; 2ohm, blue; 1ohm, green].


So while noise and spuriae are low in this design the 'traditional' Class D architecture with inductive output filtering outside of the feedback loop causes its output impedance [dashed trace] to rise steeply at extreme treble frequencies. So, although the CS 2.3 offers a uniform 0.04ohm source through bass and midrange, this increases to 0.3ohm/20kHz and 3.2ohm/75kHz. Put simply, if the impedance trend of your speakers rises significantly in the treble then the CS 2.3 will likely sound a little fizzier, and vice-versa. PM

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