Audio Research REF160M mono power amplifier Interview

Interview: Dave Gordon

With the unique post of Brand Ambassador, David E Gordon is now Audio Research's roving envoy. Dave is one of the longest-serving of the company's employees, and he was the man to consult regarding the radical change to the look of the latest Reference model.

1118ar.gordon250.jpg'As a mature company with an easily recognisable “look”, we have been careful not to lose it, as it evolved over the years. When the first G-Series designs were shown, we were taken with them, as many details from our early classic products were blended with a more contemporary aesthetic. In the new Reference series, we combined some of the G-Series with other details that have been part of Audio Research – like our handles. We feel that the final look is more modern without losing our core aesthetic. It remains unmistakably Audio Research.'

With the visuals changing, the technical elements had to change, too. 'There are three major gains: absolute sonic performance – which always comes first – has taken a major leap forward. Ease of use and reliability have been improved. And, thirdly, we love the redefined look, especially that meter.'

Dave, in addressing the changes to Audio Research since its new ownership, emphasises continuity. 'The new REF amplifier is the culmination of developments we have accrued over the last seven years, since the last generation of Reference amplifiers was introduced. We wanted its operation and performance to be worry- and trouble-free: “Go home and enjoy the music, without thinking about it!”.'

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