Yotam Silberstein : The Village


88.2kHz/24-bit, FLAC*; Jazz&People JPCD 816007 (supplied by www.highresaudio.com)

Yotam Silberstein is said to have honed his guitar-playing by practicing during his period of national service in the Israeli army, but this fifth album, as the title suggests, is more a celebration of his life in the New York jazz community, and the influences on his work. It’s his first self-produced album, too, and while that might make one dread a set of complete self-indulgence, it doesn’t quite turn out like that. Yes, Silberstein is front and centre, but more impressive is the way he fits into the band on this set – Reuben Rogers on bass, Aaron Goldberg on piano and drummer Greg Hutchinson. But this is undeniably Silberstein’s album, and he can show his talents on tracks such as ‘O Vôo Da Mosca’. Aided by a crisp, clean recording, what’s most striking is his ability as a team player, willing to step back and let his bandmates take centre stage while supporting them. AE

Sound Quality: 85%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Tracks 6 (‘Fuzz’) and 11 (‘Lennie Bird’) are both upsamples from 44.1kHz/24-bit [green trace, above] while the remainder are genuine 88.2kHz renderings. Some, inc. track 1, are recorded very hot with percussion regularly hitting 0dBFs. PM