Wilson Audio Sasha V Loudspeaker Sasha V Vs Sasha DAW

Sasha V Vs Sasha DAW

Trickle-down technology from three models which didn't arrive until after the Sasha DAW – the Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V and Alexia V – account for many of the differences between the DAW and this latest V variant of the Sasha. Fitting Wilson's 'Acoustic Diodes' to Sasha DAWs provides an early taste, an instantly audible upgrade that attests to the value of improvements which lie in store.

From here Sasha V vs DAW starts with the tweeter, the Sasha V benefitting from the rear-wave chamber fitted behind the Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) tweeter initially found in the Alexx V to extend the high frequencies. Wilson now cites 32kHz ±3dB for the V, a 2kHz extension over the DAW. Also post-DAW, the Sasha V is fitted with the brand's 7in AlNiCo QuadraMag midrange for better 'blending' of mid and treble.

The V in the name derives from V-Material used in the interface between the upper and lower modules, this resulting from the development of both the Alexx V and Alexia V. Benefits are said to be 'uncommon vibration control and upper module isolation'. The cabinet gains from solid X-Material sidewalls that are 25% thicker, strengthening it to further reduce resonance, and the same material is used in the internal bracing of both upper and lower enclosures. S-Material, with its own properties, is employed for the baffle in the upper head.

Other post-DAW upgrades involve new multi-way binding posts and improved resistor mounting hardware, now with quick-release thumbscrews to open the alloy-trimmed glass cover and carbon fibre back plate, simplifying access to the resistors.

There's more: all external cables are terminated with Wilson Audio spades, and the upper-module two-position front spike track offers finer adjustments not available to the Sasha DAW, allowing for more precise time alignment to suit a wider range of listening positions. An all-new copper version of the AudioCapX-WA capacitor has been recently developed, making its debut in the Sasha V.

Physical differences are slight. The Sasha DAW occupied 1137x368x583mm (hwd) and weighed 107.05kg each. The Sasha V? It has grown just a centimetre in height, width is unchanged, while depth is only 25mm (about an inch)or so greater, at 1145x368x608mm (hwd). Each Shasha V weighs 4kg more, at 111.1kg, but I doubt those moving from DAW to V will notice!

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