Wilson Audio SabrinaX Loudspeaker Daryl's Direction

Daryl's Direction

Evolution, rather than revolution, is the key to understanding Wilson Audio's direction of travel under the very steady hand of heir Daryl, son of founder David Wilson. Having worked with his father for many years, Daryl clearly has an intimate understanding of what makes each and every design 'tick' and how each and very component of those speakers contributes to their performance as a whole. That's certainly the case with the SabrinaX. Here, the dense, mineral-loaded polymer that is X-material has been reformulated to further 'deaden' the cabinet, just as the structure's internal bracing has been refined – courtesy of laser interferometry – to reduce if not entirely eliminate any remaining flexure of the panels.

There's direct trickle-down from costlier stablemates too. So the Convergent Synergy MK5 tweeter, modified for use in the stately WAMM Master Chronosonic floorstander to improve dispersion, extension and reduce distortion, is now incorporated into the SabrinaX. Similarly, the 203mm paper pulp woofer, complete with modifications to the voice coil former and suspension, has been levered from the Sasha DAW into this smaller cabinet. Bass loading is improved with a reduction in port turbulence and the crossover – its topology 'tweaked' to better optimise the revised drivers – now features Wilson's own AudioCapX capacitors. PM

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